salvatore perna 2

I strive to create clean, simple & minimalist architecture, respectfully integrated with the surrounding environment.

I initially drew inspiration from my modern Mediterranean culture and went on to absorb the essence of international minimalist architecture. My structures consist of relatively simple forms, using elegant lines, basic geometric shapes and outlines. The structure's beauty can be greatly enhanced with the creative use of lighting. My architectural style has been described as discreet, elegant and upscale.

After working for several years in London I was given the opportunity to design villas in the Caribbean islands, thus allowing me to truly put my philosophy into practice.

I prefer to use local materials such as stone, wood, grey shingle roof tiles and calming colours, such as the sandy hues of the local limestone. I believe the architecture has to respect the natural beauty and vegetation of these idyllic locations. The graceful lines of the homes merge with the environment and compliment the rich, colourful landscape. This seems to be a revolution in Caribbean architecture and a complete contrast to the customary style, typical of many preceding developments.

The revolution continues insideā€¦ All interiors are simplified, providing large spaces of monochromatic colours, utilizing only essential fittings of the highest quality and floors finished in stone or wood throughout. There is no distraction inside, therefore your eyes are always drawn to the view. This discipline results in calm, comfortable homes that pay homage to their surroundings, allowing the occupants to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil ambience.

Degree in Architecture (Italy) Ordine degli Archietti Caltanissetta n.292 (Italian Registration Board) ARB (Architects Registration Board N.069757E (U.K)